Dr. Dominik Meidner


Member of the developing teams for the following software projects:

RoDoBo RoDoBo is a software package for solving optimization problems governed by stationary and nonstationary partial differential equations based on the finite element toolkit Gascoigne. This C++ library is developed for complex optimal control and parameter identification problems. It combines modern optimization techniques for large scale problems with established numerical methods for solving partial differential equations.

Gascoigne The simulation toolkit Gascoigne is developed for incompressible, compressible, nonreacting and reacting flows in two and three dimensions. It combines error control, adaptive mesh refinement and a fast solution algorithm based on multigrid methods. The discretization of the underlying partial differential equations is done by stabilized finite elements on locally refined meshes. This allows the treatment of complex geometries including curved boundaries.

VisuSimple VisuSimple is an interactive visualization and graphics/mpeg-generation program for 2D and 3D data in the VTK format. Using the graphical interface numerical data can be displayed in multiple ways simultaneously, e.g. as a mesh, a carpet, a vector-field (also known as hedgehogs) or as boundary-lines, isolines and so on. In all of these different layers of data, each of these views can be individually configured, moved and colored in a dialog-box.
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