Dr. Christian Kahle

Invited talks

  • The phase field approach for topology optimization,
    International Conference on Continuous Optimization, 2019,
    August 3-8 2019, Berlin,
    Invited by Martin Siebenborn
  • Optimal Control of Two-Phase Flow,
    International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2019,
    July 15-19 2019, Valencia,
    Invited by Winnifried Wollner
  • On energy stable schemes in two-phase flow simulation,
    Colloquium of the Graduate School 2329 IntComSin,
    February 1 2019, Regensburg, University Regensburg,
    Invited by Harald Garcke
  • Topology Optimization in Navier-Stokes flow with the Phase Field Approach,
    IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modelling and optimization, Universität Duisburg-Essen,
    July 23-27 2018, Essen,
    Invited by Alberto Paganini and Kevin Sturm
  • Two Phases and a Diffuse Interface,
    Lothar Collatz Seminar, Universität Hamburg,
    May 31 2018, Universität Hamburg,
    Invited by Michael Hinze
  • Simulation of two-phase flow using the diffuse-interface approach,
    Oberseminar Dynamik und Betrieb technischer Anlagen,
    June 29 2017, Berlin, TU Berlin,
    Invited by Jens-Uwe Repke
  • Topology optimization in Navier-Stokes flow with a diffuse-interface approach,
    The Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications, MAFELAP 2016,
    June 14-17 2016, London, Brunel University,
    Invited by Wei Gong
  • Simulation and Control of two phase fluids using a diffuse-interface model,
    Oberseminar Numerik, Universität Bielefeld,
    November 16 2015 Bielefeld,
    Invited by Lubomir Banas
  • A stable discretization for the simulation of two-phase flow using the diffuse interface approach,
    3rd ECCOMAS Yound Investigators Conference,
    July 20-23 2015 Aachen,
    Invited by Christoph Lehrenfeld and Sebastian Aland
  • Model Predictive Control of two-phase flow using a diffuse interface approach,
    2015 SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT15),
    Minisymposium on Optimal Control of Multiphase Systems,
    July 08-10 2015 Paris,
    Invited by Michael Hintermüller and Donat Wegner
  • A stable discretization for the simulation of two-phase flow modeled by the diffuse interface approach,
    Oberseminar Analysis, Universität Regensburg,
    April 11 2014 Regensburg,
    Invited by Harald Garcke
  • Simulation of two-phase flow using the diffuse-interface approach,
    Seminar of research group 'Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory'
    Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems Magdeburg,
    January 14 2014 Magdeburg,
    Invited by Martin Stoll
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