Modern Methods in Nonlinear Optimization: Finite Element Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimal Control Problems [MA4503]

The description of the module MA4503 can be found here.
Many areas of science and engineering involve optimal control of processes that are modelled through partial differential equations. In this course we will cover theoretical foundations and numerical methods for solving such optimization problems. The discussed methods can be used for example for optimally controlling heating-up or cooling-down processes, fluids, or chemical reactions.
We discuss different discretization concepts carefully taking into account the difference between discretization of a single equation and the discretization of an optimization problem. We derive a priori error estimates for different situations including problems with inequality constraints as well as problems governed by semilinear PDEs. Moreover, we discuss a posteriori error estimates and adaptive mesh refinement algorithms for PDE-constrained optimization. Last but not least, we give an overview of current research topics in this area.
Lectures: Dr. Johannes Pfefferer, Room: 03.06.055, E-Mail:
Exercises: Dr. Johannes Pfefferer, Room: 03.06.055, E-Mail:
This is an online course officially beginning on April 20. Lectures and exercises are available as movies on Moodle. Each week we offer videoconferences for discussing their contents.
Further information is available on Moodle.
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