Introduction into Implementation of Optimization problems with PDEs

The practical course is aimed at students interested in the practical aspects of Optimization with PDE constraints. It is based on the lecture Modern Methods in Nonlinear Optimization: Finite Element Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimal Control Problems (MA4503) and is therefore highly recommended as a conclusion of the session.

With the help of a Finite Element solver in MATLAB, we will discretize the problems addressed in the lecture and solve them with appropriate optimization algorithms. We focus on
  • Discretization of elliptic optimal control problems
  • Formulation of discrete optimality conditions (computation of the Lagrangian in the discrete and continuous cases)
  • Computation of (semi-) linear quadratic problems
  • Computation with respect to control or state constraints
  • Adaptivity for optimal control problems

The course will take place online in form of guided programming sessions for MATLAB in Zoom.
On (Course: Modern Methods in Nonlinear Optimization [MA4503], registered participants will be added to course)
Niklas Behringer, E-Mail:,
Constantin Christof, E-Mail:,
Johannes Pfefferer, E-Mail:
29.09.2020-02.10.2020, 10:00-16:30
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