Lab Course: Introduction to Finite Elements [MA8501]

Advanced Programming Course:
  • From December 6th the Friday session takes place in 01.04.011.
  • Due to holiday there is no lab exercise on Friday, Nov. 1st. Sheet 2 will be discussed on Friday, 8th instead. Consequentially the deadline for the corresponding home assignment has been extended to Nov. 13th.
  • Registering for the lab course is possible starting from 17th of October 2013 via TUM-Online.
  • The lab seesions start from 24th and 25th of October respectively.
Instructors: Prof. Dr. Boris Vexler, room 03.06.035, e-mail:
Dipl. Math. Andreas Springer, room: 03.06.020, e-mail:
Dates: Group 1: Thursday, 14:15 to 15:45, room 03.04.011
Group 2: Friday, 10:15 to 11:45, room 01.04.011 (new room starting from December 6th)
Worksheets: Sheet 1
Sheet 2 plotBd.m
Sheet 3
Sheet 4
Sheet 5 Plot of the solution for L5.2 e) Plot of the solution for L5.2 f)
Sheet 6
Sheet 7 old functions Solve.m AssembleMatrixRhs.m getIntegrationFormula.m
Sheet 8 BisectionRefine.m
Sheet 9
Sheet 10 getNeighbours.m EnergyEstimator.m
Sheet 11
Sheet 12 NonLinearSolve.m
Contents: Step by step, we develop a finite element solver in Matlab and test it on simple partial differential equations. In detail, we look into:
  • triangulations and corresponding data structures
  • weak formulations
  • assembling the algebraic equation systems
  • visualization of results
  • a posteriori error estimation
  • adaptive grid refinement
Information on how to install Matlab on own computers can be found here (Login with MyTUM account data).
Grading: To pass the course, you need to work on the homework problems and hand in not necessarily a fully correct solution but at least a meaningful attempt of a solution for at least 75% of the problems.
  • Linear Algebra (MA1101 and MA1102)
  • Analysis (MA1001 und MA1002)
  • Introduction to programming
  • simultaneous attendance of the course Numerics of partial differential equations (MA3303)
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